Monday, 17th December 2018

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Shop Local….

For seven years we have been making and selling homemade candy here in Bellevue.  No, we will never be rich from this endeavor but that was not why we started this business in the first place.  Making candy and selling it has made us happy!  Our father was also able to be part of the business up until the last two months of his life and that time spent with him was a bonding experience we would never trade for any amount of money. 

But back to why we were writing this blog ….spending money!  We have never paid ourselves for seven years….instead the money we earned went back into the cost of doing business…rent, liability insurance, property insurance, ingredients, marketing, etc. 

So…last week after a very successful day of selling candy we paid ourselves $50.00 each!  Wow!!!!  We also committed ourselves to spending that money in Bellevue.  So with money in hand we went shopping in Bellevue and had a great time.  The money was spent in three places and we ended the day with smiles on our faces and happy hearts.  We felt like we were “kids in a candy store”….all over $50.00 to spend. 

At the end of the day we decided we are going to do this more often.  In fact we decided that some of the money we donate to charity will be donated to the businesses in Bellevue so that in turn they can be successful and hire more people. 

What if more people made this commitment? 

Just think what could happen to our local economy.

No, we are not saying to forget about local charities because they are certainly important but what about the people who work every day in their local business and are just hanging on by a thread? 

Don’t they deserve our support? 

So please consider the idea of Shopping Bellevue First.

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