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Mad River and NKP Railroad Museum to Host Paranormal Investigation October 11, 2014 - Tickets Available!

Investigators will search the grounds of the Mad River and NKP Railroad Museum next month looking for what could be lurking in the dark.

But these investigators won’t be from the Bellevue Police Department or any county sheriff’s office.

Rather, the search will be conducted by Bellevue residents led by the Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits (O.R.B.S.), famously known for their appearances on Animal Planet’s “The Haunted,” the Biography Channel’s “My Ghost Story and History Channel’s “Fear Files.”

“O.R.B.S. has been very interested in looking through the railroad museum for paranormal activity,” said Ruth Fuehring, Mad River and NKP Railroad Society trustee. “They’ve been visiting us for years and they specialize in investigating vehicles and in this case, train cars.”

The investigation will begin at 7 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 11 at the railroad museum, 253 Southwest Street, Bellevue. Tickets are on sale now for $25 each. To buy tickets, or for more information, call 419-483-0365.

Fuehring said museum guests and employees have heard voices coming from train cars late at night, leading some to believe ghosts are prowling museum grounds. “We’ve had people tell us they hear voices from the cars,” Fuehring said. “A lot of people say it gives them the spooks when they come here and hear those voices.”


Other museum legends say an old man can be seen walking the grounds late at night and that shadowy figures lurk around every corner.


Fuehring said investigators have heard disturbing noises coming from the museum at night.  “At one point a few years ago the investigators could hear someone screaming for help in the museum,” Fuehring said. “There are a lot of strange, interesting things that can happen when investigating the paranormal.”  The strange, creepy feelings that plague some museum guests haven’t gone unnoticed by Museum volunteers and trustees.  In fact, Fuehring said she has also experienced an uneasy feeling while at the museum at night.  “I’ve never actually seen anything but sometimes I’ll hear a voice or feel like I’m being watched when I’m there at night,” Fuehring said. “I believe in that stuff but some people are more sensitive to it than I am.”


If you go:

What: Mad River and NKP Railroad Museum paranormal investigation

Where: 253 Southwest Street, Bellevue

When: 7 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 11

Cost: Tickets are $25 per person

Info: To buy tickets, or for more information, call 419-483-0365.


Article compliments of Patrick Pfanner of The Bellevue Gazette

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