Sunday, 16th December 2018

Shop Bellevue First and Here's An Example Why!

You will be amazed at what is available in Bellevue!

Recently when the season changed to warmer weather I was shopping in a rather nice Sandusky store and decided to purchase some sandels. Having the type and size I wanted in hand I hesitated just long enough for that voice in my head to say....practice what you preach and Shop Bellevue First. So...I hid the sandels so I could come back the next day to pick them up and went home to Bellevue to explore my possibilities.

At Hunter's Needs I looked but didn't see the type of sandels I I asked Jeannie Gore for help. She directed me to almost the identical sandel I was going to purchase in Sandusky and surprisingly the sandels I purchased in Bellevue were better quality and $10.00 less! Even more important than my bargain was the fact that in the end I was supporting a Bellevue business.

In addition, yesterday I had the priviledge of going to several businesses to hand out flyers for the May First Thursday Event and I was amazed at how much is available in Bellevue if we would just change our frame-of-mind of shopping out of town. Yes....I did find several items that I will be purchasing in the next several days and they are all from local businesses.

So I challenge you to Shop Bellevue will be surprised!


Article contributed by: LeRose Meadows

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