Monday, 17th December 2018

Shop Bellevue Ohio by Jeannie Gore

It's Been A Busy 9 Months for SBO

Shop Bellevue Ohio by Jeannie Gore
As I look back on the last 9 months, it has been extremely busy.  It started out as having one meeting per month, then things really stepped up. More frequent meetings and lots of plans were being made.  Work was being done and advertising was going to print. We put our web site plans in the hands of our internet designer Janell and she has done a super job of developing a web site that offers many options and will function with any ideas we can possibly dream of.  Advertising partners have joined the group and we have started promoting their business and services.
In addition, Shop Bellevue Ohio has presented our vision and website to the Bellevue Rotary, Bellevue Lions Club and also the Bellevue Kiwanis. SBO representatives shared with the membership how as a organization they would benefit and use the web site.  
There are several advertising venues within the that advertising partners can utilize for a nominal fee and also for FREE. The business directory lists the name and address of a business and this feature is FREE.  Also the Community Calendar of Events is also FREE!!! All businesses, organizations and committees can use this area of to promote their event, fundraiser and special happenings that are being held in the Bellevue area. 
As part of the group, I am encouraging you to take advantage of this opportunity. It will help make your venue more successful.  Doing so thru Shop Bellevue Ohio we are able to do big things with the help of many. 
I am speaking as a individual business owner now.  I have seen benefits from working together as a group and partnering with others to make the public aware of what Bellevue DOES HAVE to offer and continuing to do so is only going to make Bellevue a better place to work, live and play. If we do nothing, we gain nothing!  If you are interested in speaking with someone in regards to partnering with Shop Bellevue Ohio, simply email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  We look forward to hearing from you.  
Shop Bellevue Ohio also would like to invite and welcome you to visit our meetings and share your ideas with your support.  All help is welcome with open arms!  We are about to start embarking on events where we could definitely use your helping hands.  Our group consists of all volunteers. Putting a smile on someones face or just lending a helping hand is great satisfaction.   
Article submitted by Jeannie Gore - owner of Hunters Needs, Bellevue Ohio

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