Sunday, 16th December 2018

Who's The New Girl in Town?

Meet Shopping Sally

Who's The New Girl in Town?

Hello Bellevue

My name is Shoppin' Sally, and I just moved to Bellevue. I'm interested in experiencing activities, where to go, where to shop, and what you do to enjoy life as you live, work & play in this town. I'm starting at your wonderful, friendly Bellevue Public Library. It's such a beautiful place, full of life and books! Books for adults, children. This evening they were learning about the History of Vinyl.
I am hoping to keep a journal of where I have been in Bellevue and some of your thoughts. Please write positive comments or stories in my journal. Let's remember that people of all ages will be reading this journal. Also take a picture with me and post it on Facebook.
So tell me.....what do you like about the Bellevue Public Library?

So where will I be visiting next? 

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