Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

SBO Meeting Minutes, July 5, 2016



Shop Bellevue OHio met on Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at Gilbert's Place.
PRESENT:  LeRose Meadows, Keith Jesse, Janell Davenport, Jeannie Gore, Jennifer Mazzaro, Nick Mazzaro, Tanhan Hicks, Patti Perry, Judy Miller.    LeRose Called the meeting to order.

SAFE E-COMMERCE.  Sign is in, cameras posted.  Many thanks to Mayor Strecker, Chief Kauffman, & Sgt. Matter for getting this site in place.

FLIP-FLOP SHOP HOP   More than 35 businesses are involved, in Bellevue and Clyde.
Janell organized data; Tanhan will handle the printing.  To be done on card stock, 1 ream of stock  - 250 copies.  Cards will be numbered, with a Master List for distribution.
Card will cost customer $5.00.  Available for sale at:  ACE Hardware, Candy Depot, Gilbert's Place, Hunter's Needs in Bellevue and ACE Hardware, &  Cahill's in Clyde.  Vendors will be responsible for paying for or returning the cards they take.
Card Validations.  Each business to initial/date box on the card for the store where purchase is made.  
Buyers get one ticket for the Raffle Package when they buy the card; plus they will get one raffle ticket for every 5 businesses are validated on their card.
Customers will deposit the card at the last store they visit for raffle drawing.  Each merchant will have our green bags to collect cards.  Bag will have Business name on it, and instructions.
At the end of the week, all green bags need to be turned in to the Candy Depot or Hunter's Needs.  Drawings for the Raffle Package will take place when all tickets are gathered.
Businesses need to pick up their packet - with information, punch cards, and a flip-flop to designate the promotion.

COUPON BAGS.  Coupons have been slow coming in.  Need 500 to fill the bags, so they can be stuffed once and done for the season, before the Shop Hop.  Patti will ask Stephanie if Library Teen Volunteers can stuff the bags.

 ZOMBIE WALK.  Nick Mazzaro is chairing the 9/24 Event.  He needs a budget.  Nick is planning a Gathering after the Walk, probably at Central Park, to add to the fun.  Do we want to do Zombie t-shirts?  Nick to research.  
 Makeup stations needed; Tanhan will talk to Angie Sommers about Drama Club taking this on.   Donations will benefit Bellevue's 'Winterize Your Kids' program.

SCARECROW CONTEST.  This popular event will return in time for the Zombie Walk.  Need to get the word out by August, so people can plan.  
BUSINESSES:  Enter the Contest!  Send a PHOTO of your Scarecrow w/your Employees to SBO for our Facebook page -- and yours!
Scarecrows to be in place by Zombie Walk.  Contest to run from 9/24 through October First Thursday (10/6).  Donation jars to be at each location; highest dollar amount is winner.  
Donations to be split 1/2 and 1/2 to Backpack Food Program and Shop Bellevue Ohio programs.  

Will add cornstalks to light poles w/ribbons and bows.  No straw bales; too messy.  LeRose will ask florists to donate ribbons/bows.  Patti Perry will talk to her source for cornstalks.  Judy
will ask Pam Verhoff if they will have some available.  Weather is a factor on date to decorate.

FINANCIAL REPORT presented by Tanhan Hicks, Treasurer.  
Get bills, invoices, etc. to her, clearly marked.  After hours, use the dropbox.

Jeannie contacted Sandusky County Convention & Visitors' Bureau about the electronic billboard at the Fairgrounds.  It is owned by the Dog Warden.  Working to get events posted on the sign.  Keith Jesse can help with that as well.
FACEBOOK.  Don't just 'like' a page -- comment to raise the profile, even if it's just one word.      SHARE the page too.
AUGUST 4TH.  Sidewalk Chalk Drawings, sponsored by Art@106 and Bellevue Public Library.  Drawings can be at Gilbert's Place too.   Pet Walk, sponsored by Bellevue Rec. Department.  
Independent Vendors downtown on the sidewalks; also the Open Air Market with Concert to follow.

Firemen to man the grills and have hot dogs & sweet corn.  (Entertainment?)  Donations accepted for Fire Department Auxiliary.

NKP RR CONVENTION in October at the Railroad Museum.  They're asking for help to stage a Shopping Field Trip.  Maybe a 'freebie' at each stop?

CITY COUNCIL.  Next meeting is Monday, July 11th.  SBO will attend and promote Calendar plus events.
SAFETY TOWN.  Sgt. Keith Jesse is investigating a program geared to autistic & Down Syndrome children, to minimize sensory overload.
Future Events:  SHOP SMALL SATURDAY, November 26th.   1ST THURSDAY/HOLIDAY PARADE/TREE LIGHTING, Thursday, Dec. 1st.

NEXT MEETING:  Monday, July 18th, 7 p.m.  (Meetings are the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month.)

Submitted by
Judy Miller, Secretary

July 16th. Sunflower Sale at Golden Acorn.  Bellevue Historical Society.

July 18th Shop Bellevue Ohio meeting
   August 6th.  Taste of Tremont Wine & Cheese Tasting.  Joyce Hayward Memorial 5K Run.
   August 8th.  Shop Bellevue Ohio meeting
   August 22nd. Shop Bellevue Ohio meeting

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