Meeting Minutes
Sunday, 16th December 2018

Meeting Minutes

SBO Meeting Minutes - Aug. 2, 2016

SHOP BELLEVUE OHIO met on Tuesday, August 2, 2016, at 7 p.m. at Gilbert's Place.  
Present:  LeRose Meadows, Chairman,  Tanhan Hicks, Jeannie gore, Janell Davenport, Judy Miller, Keith Jesse, Jennifer Mazzaro, Nick Mazzaro, Chris Beamer.

LeRose introduced Chris Beamer, from Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum.  
Chris spoke about the NKP Railroad Historical Society Convention, meeting in Bellevue on October 15th.  Chris asked Shop Bellevue Ohio to assist with an afternoon event for spouses to provide an experience and promote our local businesses.  Time frame is between 1 and 5 p.m.  Tanhan suggested a Shopping Scavenger Hunt.  It could involve a Map, a puzzle, to determine the clue to the next location, and provide an overview of the area. 
Other ideas:
A bag of clues w/letters inside.  Each store comes up with its own clue; at the end, come up with a phrase to solve a puzzle.  It could be timed.
Each person registered gets a bag.  It needn't be confined to the downtown.  Starting point would be the Railroad Museum Gift Shop.   
It was suggested that the information be put out in advance, so the attendees know what to expect, and possibly boost attendance.  Businesses wishing to get involved, let us know asap.  Contact List of Businesses involved is needed.  Consider a giveaway item or discount at YOUR business to registrants.  You may also want to think of special items to offer for souvenirs, snacks, etc.

COUPON BAGS were delivered to Library last week to be filled.  Jennifer will follow up.

FLIP FLOP SHOP HOP.   47 cards were sold.  There were some complaints at the beginning.  No shoppers participated in Clyde. Should we do it next year?  It was suggested that we do it early in the month, not at the end; that it last for an entire month.  What month would be best?  June has Community Days.  August?  Tie in with back to school/sales tax holiday?

ZOMBIE WALK.  Nick reported that the Toledo group that came last year has a conflict and can't come.  Good news is that Haunted Hydro people from Fremont are very interested!  Should there be a costume contest?  
Merchandise vendors?   September 24th date was in question, as the school calendar was showing it to be Homecoming.  However, Homecoming is in October, so we are good to go.   
Gazebo needs to be reserved through the City.  Need to create a Facebook Event.  Get last year's Flyer re-done for this year; Janell will edit flyers and get out.
Get date on Community Billboards; in area papers, etc.  

SCARECROW CONTEST.  Contest and voting will take place from Sept. 24th to October 6th.  People vote with their cash at each location.  Proceeds to be split between Shop Bellevue and the School Backpack Program.
Scarecrows stay up throughout October.  Can we email flyer to businesses and ask them to email back?

FALL DECORATING downtown with cornstalks  is dependent on availability of dried stalks.  Tentative date to decorate is September 24th at 8 a.m.  Meet at the Fire Station.  Patti Perry will contact her supplier.  LeRose is contacting local florists to donate ribbon; and she will ask Kim Root to make up big bows.  Another option is to ask business if they will cover the cost of the supplies on a pole in front of their business.

FINANCIAL REPORT was presented by Tanhan Hicks.  If you have bills to submit, complete form, explain what it is for, and where check goes.  Drop off at the Cunnigham office.  After hours, there is a dropbox.

MARKETING.  Next SEASONAL GUIDE DEADLINE IS AUGUST 25TH.  Send copy to and submit payment.  $55.00 for website advertisers; $60.00 for others.

SANDUSKY COUNTY CONVENTION & VISITORS BUREAU 2017 BOOKLET DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 30TH for copy and ads.  If SBO takes a full page for $1,000, we can size ads as desired within that page.  Free layout.  1/4 page is $250.00).  Janell will head up the Committee to get the SCCVB ads/events/copy for this publication.  This is a year-long resource that is widely distributed.  If interested, contact Janell.  SBO needs to establish dates for 2017 for Chili Cook-off, Zombie Walk, etc.   Establish listings under Shopping, Dining, etc.

SEPTEMBER 1st from 4pm - 7pm.  PICNIC IN THE PARK with Firemen cooking hot dogs and corn.  SBO to supply the food.  Keith will talk to Garcia's about corn and watermelon.  Jeannie will talk to Bellevue Meats about hot dogs.  Get buns & condiments from Hogue's.  


Businesses -- Have Specials?  Features?  Let us know, so we can get it on our website and Facebook.  

MEETING DATE/TIMES.  Tuesday date is not working well.  It was agreed to move to Mondays, on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, beginning at 6 p.m.  
Next meeting will be Monday, August 22nd, 6 p.m. at Gilbert's Place.

Submitted by
Judy Miller, Secretary

AUGUST 22ND.  6 p.m. Shop Bellevue Meeting, Gilbert's Place
SEPTEMBER 1ST, 5-7 p.m. First Thursday. Picnic in the Park at Central Park
SEPTEMBER 12TH, 6 p.m.. Shop Bellevue Ohio Meeting
SEPTEMBER 26TH, 6 p.m. Shop Bellevue Ohio Meeting

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