Meeting Minutes
Sunday, 16th December 2018

Meeting Minutes

November 6, 2017

Present for the Meeting:  

  • Leslie (Shoppe 191)
  • Liz Kile (Golden Acorn),
  • Micheline (29 Design)
  • LeRose (Candy Depot),
  • Jennifer and Kellie (Four County Vet Services)
  • Tanhan and Lynsay (Cunningham and Associates)
  • Lori (Bellevue Goodwill)
  • Helen and Mary (Hair Depot)
  • Jill (Uptown Travel Co.)
  • Judy Miller (Volunteer)
  • Janell (Harpster-Davenport Guest House and
  • Jeannie (Hunters Needs)

    Jeannie Opened the Meeting at 7pm
    What a great turnout for the meeting and thanked everyone for coming.

Treasurers Report
Tanhan reported she will be handing over the bookkeeping services to Lindsey as of January 1st, 2018 as she is extremely busy with her clients.  Cunningham and Associates will start using Quickbooks as preferred system for our group.  A new budgeting structure is currently being designed for the SBO group to allow businesses to pick and choose what advertising venue’s they would like to participate in throughout the year and have the ability to be billed and pay monthly.

Cornstalks Coming Down
The Middle School Asset Team are volunteering to remove the cornstalks on November 16th.  A huge thank you goes to them again for putting them up!  Great job!  The team will be meeting at Candy Depot on November 16th between 3:15 and 3:30.  All people will get gloves while removing corn stalks.    LeRose is checking with Mayor Kevin Strecker about the use of a city truck and taking the cornstalks to the city compost.

Scarecrow Contest Results 
This year was quite the event with 30 entries!   Thank you again to all of the businesses and organizations for supporting our Shop Bellevue Ohio event by using your fun and creative imagination and displaying how much fun Bellevue is when people participate in our local events.  
The Grand Prize winner of this year was Copper Top Bake Shoppe!  LeRose donated the grand prize and Jeannie will be awarding the prize to Copper Top.
LeRose asked about having a map designed for the 2018 scarecrow contest showing where the scarecrows are located since some of them were a little difficult to find.  Also it was mentioned perhaps a sign should be designed “We have a Scarecrow Here” along with details about how to vote so people know when they see the sign, a scarecrow is available to see and enjoy.  Some of our scarecrows were in unique spots and not easily found.

Attica Hub – Ad space still available at $40.00
Sandusky Register – Ad space still available at $75.00  Ad runs the Sunday before Thanksgiving
Please contact Jeannie Gore for details 419-483-5789

The Gift Card Tree Drawing
It was voted on to call the gift certificate basket “The Gift Card Tree”.  Businesses who wish to participate in this drawing are asked to use gift cards in any dollar amount they choose.   If you are participating in this drawing, please place a bucket in your business so people can enter to win.  Shop Bellevue will be supplying a master page entry form for all participating businesses to print and use for the drawings. Contest runs from Black Friday, November 24 through December 7th and the drawing will take place on December 7th with location and time to be announced.   For questions, please contact Chairwoman Jeannie Gore 419-483-5789.

Radio Ads
Shop Bellevue Ohio (SBO)  will be sponsoring radio ads with the station WOLF, running on Nov. 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24th featuring Bellevue Shop Small Saturday.  Businesses can tag an ad following the commercial using their business name for a maximum amount of $50.00  (example:  this ad was brought to you by the Bellevue Goodwill, located at ……..)  If you are interested in getting involved with tagging, please call Jeannie Gore no later than, Monday, November 13th.

Pole Lights Downtown - Lighting up Bellevue!
LeRose spoke to Mayor Kevin Strecker about the possibility of hanging holiday lights on the street poles downtown and there doesn’t seem to be an issue, however Kevin was going to run the idea by the City Department to get it clarified.  Lori, manager our Bellevue Good will be generously donating the lights to the Shop Bellevue group which we estimate 3-4 strands will be needed per pole. Thank you Lori! You definitely are going to help make Bellevue sparkle for the Holidays!  Initially at the meeting the cost of the lights was going to be $1.00 per strand and the expense was voted on with Tanhan 1st and Lori 2nd and it passed with applause!  However, Jeannie just learned recently following our meeting, that Goodwill according to Lori will be donating the lights.  How festive Bellevue will look when Santa comes to town, lighting the way while shoppers stroll the sidewalks.

Chili Cook-Off has Changed to “Hot Soup Cook-Off”
That’s right!  Shop Bellevue decided to change it up this year to soups, and who doesn’t like a hearty bowl of soup during our blistery winter weather.   The name and event change was voted on and Judy 1st and Lori 2nd the motion.  The date is set for the First Thursday in February (February 1, 2018) and location for the event will be at Bellevue Elementary School, State Route 269 / Castalia Street, Bellevue.  More details to follow.  

Next meeting will be December 4th at the Goodwill Plant on State Route 269 / Castalia Street at 7pm

Respectfully Submitted
Janell Davenport / Secretary

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