Meeting Minutes
Saturday, 17th November 2018

Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2017

In attendance:  Jeannie Gore, Lori Dillenger, Tanhan Hicks, Lynsay Sumner, Alicia Robles

Motion to accept minutes as sent made by Lynsay

Financial statement  $1277.37

Ad invoices to be mailed / emailed by Lynsay

Scarecrow thanks you will be handled by Cunninghams

Coppertop was the winner of the Scarecrow contest

Tanhan made a motion to pay for ad layout of $100 seconded by Lynsay

Jeannie made a motion to put Lynsay on as signature for the checking account since she is volunteering to go the treasures job starting Jan. 1 2018.  Lynsay presented a list of advertising options and budgeted amounts.  Would like to start Jan. 1 

210 bags were stuffed for Shop Small Saturday, all reports from businesses that it was a successful day.  Looking for some new ideas for next year in regards to a community day

Soup Cook-Off - Thursday Feb. 1st at Bellevue Elementary School - Armed Services Challenge this year.  Matt Strecker has agreed to represent the Marines

Letters are getting ready to be sent out to past participants  -  logo contest  -  must use commercial facility

motion to adjourn Lynsay seconded by Tanhan

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