Meeting Minutes
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Meeting Minutes

Shop Bellevue Ohio Meeting, June 20, 2016

JUNE 20, 2016

PRESENT:  LeRose Meadows, Jeannie Gore, Judy Miller.

SHOP HOP Planning.  About 35 Bellevue businesses are involved; 3 from Clyde.
Jeannie got flip-flops for $1.00/pair; they will be used at each participating store to identify the promotion.
LeRose is finalizing the LISTING OF STORES & promotions;  Janell will set up the card; Jeannie will get it printed.  Goal is to have cards for sale by Community Days.
Card Validations.  Each business to initial/date box on the card for the store where purchase is made.
Customers will deposit the card at the last store they visit for raffle drawing.  Each merchant will have our green bags to collect cards.  Bag will have Business name on it, and instructions.
At the end of the week, all green bags need to be turned in to the Candy Depot or Hunter's Needs.  Drawings for the Raffle Package will take place when all tickets are gathered.

FLYER needed to advertise the SHOP HOP.  Volunteer to create??
Need article for area papers.

MARKETING.  Jeannie contacted Sandusky County Convention & Visitors' Bureau and furnished dates for:  Shop Hop; Historical Society's Sunflower Sale and Taste of Tremont, to put on their electronic sign.  She will ask about promoting: 
First  Thursday, August 4th, for Pet Parade & Chalk Art Contest; and First Thursday, September 1st, Picnic in the Park -- Central Park.

Domain name needed to be renewed.  Judy made motion to authorize renewal; seconded by Jeannie.  Passed.

Radio 97.7  Wants to do a broadcast remote.  It is not free, so we'll pass.

E-COMMERCE SIGNS.  Done, but not mounted by the City.  Jeannie needs a photo for Facebook/Website -- of LeRose, Sgt. Matter, and the sign.

Chris Beamer of the Railroad Museum is interested in partnering with us to organize a 'Ladies' Shopping Experience' in October during their Nickel Plate Railroad Convention here.

First Meeting in July - TBD - (not July 4th).

Submitted by
Judy Miller, Secretary

June 25th.  Historic Marker Dedication, 1:00 at Tremont House
June 25th.   Mad River & NKP RR Museum 40th Anniversary
June 25th-26th  Lyme Village, Civil War Re-enactment
July 5   Next Shop Bellevue Ohio Meeting (Regular date is July 4th)
July 18th   Shop Bellevue Ohio meetingShop Bellevue Ohio Meeting Minutes, June 6, 2016

Shop Bellevue Ohio Meeting Minutes, June 6, 2016

ATTENDING LeRose Meadows, Keith Jesse, Janell Davenport, Jennifer Mazzaro, Jeannie Gore, Cheryle McIntyre, Judy Miller.
Shop Bellevue Ohio met on June 6, 2016, 7 p.m. at Gilbert's Place, with LeRose presiding.  

SAFE E-COMMERCE SITES.  Signs are in.  Street Dept. will install stakes, and cameras will be adjusted for safety and monitoring.

 - With the Gazette gone; Now what?  Our Shop Bellevue Ohio site is more relevant, and more important to businesses and customers.
 - Jeannie suggested former editor, Amber, be hired to write articles for our Blog.  Website adjustments needed for postings.  No action taken at this time.

COUPON BAGS  Businesses - Shop Bellevue will stuff bags with coupons, to be distributed to residents and visitors this season to promote YOUR business.  Create a coupon; print up to 500, and get them Copper Top or Gilbert's NO LATER THAN JUNE 15th!  Bags will be stuffed and given out at various venues and events.  No exp. Dates, please.  Have coupons from 4 businesses so far. 

 - Promotion with Clyde Business & Professional Ass'n.
 - Businesses, get involved in this promotion with Clyde, to be held July 24-30th.
 - Punch Card will be issued, to be purchased for discounts, etc.  Each business needs a promo for the card; and a Raffle Basket donation.  Shoppers will buy a card; shop at stores and deposit card at their last destination for the Raffle Basket. 

 - A colorful flip-flop will designate participating stores.  10-12 Bellevue businesses are participating so far; & several from Clyde. 
 - Suggestion is to have card purchased for $5.00; buyer gets a ticket. 
 - Every shopper who shopped in Clyde will get a ticket; every shopper who shopped in Bellevue will get a ticket; shoppers who shopped in both towns will get a ticket, so each shopper could get up to 3 raffle tickets.
  - Business Owners & Managers:  Email your promotion to:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., asap so cards can be printed.  No follow-up calls will be made.
Janell had copy of Advertising Agreement for website; discussion on costs to advertisers.  Website ad costs will be as follows:  Category Business Listing will remain at  $125.00/year; 2nd Category Listing for same ad,  $$50.00/year.  Display Ads (Front Page) will be $250.00 for 6 months.  Category Ads will be $100.00 for 3 months.  Motion made by Judy; seconded by Keith; passed unanimously.   To add Line Listing and Links, cost will be $25.00 plus $5.00 for 2nd link.  
- LeRose presented Sgt. Keith Jesse with proceeds from blue light sales for National Police Week; $49.25 for Bellevue Safety Town program.

Thank-you Notes Needed
    To Russell's and Forget-Me-Not for blue ribbon
    To Copper Top for cakes to Fire Dept. and Police Dept. -- Janell
    To Fired Department and Police Dept. for First Thursday Activities - Judy
July Meeting
Need an alternative date, as regular meeting would be 7/4..  Tuesday, 7/5?  Monday, June 27th, or Monday, July 11th?   Text or email your preference to LeRose or Judy.
Submitted by Judy Miller, Secretary
6/20  Shop Bellevue Meeting at Gilbert's
7/?    Shop Bellevue Meeting (Alternative to 7/4)
7/16   Sunflower Sale at Golden Acorn - Historical Society
7/18   Shop Bellevue Meeting
7/24 to 30th - Flip-Flop Shop Hop, Clyde & Bellevue
8/1    Shop Bellevue Meeting
8/4    First Thursday - Pet Parade & Chalk Art Contest
8/6    Taste of Tremont Wine & Cheese Tasting - on N. West Street - Bellevue Historical Society
8/15   Shop Bellevue Meeting

Shop Bellevue Ohio Meeting, April 18, 2016

ATTENDING:  LeRose Meadows, Jeannie Gore, Janell Davenport, Stephanie Buchanan, Jennifer Mazzaro, Judy Miller, Guest Aaron Wilson, Clyde BPA.


MEETING START:  LeRose opened the meeting at 7:00pm held at the Bellevue Library conference room

GUEST SPEAKER:  Jeannie introduce Aaron Wilson of the Clyde Business and Professional Association.  Aaron talked about the Clyde Coffee Crawl, scheduled for this Saturday, and about the organization's structure and how they operate.  Sixteen businesses are in the Coffee Crawl, all listed on a punch card.  With 8 business validations on the card, it can be turned in for a free coffee and entered into a prize drawing.  Their Business Expo, held last week, had 35 businesses involved.



·         SHOP HOP.  Discussion held on staging a Shop Hop between Clyde and Bellevue this summer.  Businesses in both towns would be on a punch card; validations needed from both town to enter for prizes, etc.  Aaron will take the project to his Board for approval.  Discussion to continue.  Jeannie and LeRose will chair this event.  Time suggested is last week of July, to cover Clyde's Sidewalk Sales and Bellevue's first Open Air Market.


·         SAFE E-COMMERCE SITE.  LeRose spoke to Mayor Strecker, who took the idea to the Police and Fire Chiefs.  Full support from the City, with sites to be at the Fire Station and Police Station.  Chief Kaufman will design the sign.  Target date to introduce the program is June 2nd, First Thursday


·         GREEN COUPON BAGS.  Business owners:  get YOUR business noticed!  500 bags will be filled with store coupons, business cards, information on your business.  Provide 500 items to be included by May 2nd.  Keep message generic (no expiration dates, as these bags will be used all year).  Size:  business card minimum to half-page maximum.  Drop off at Gilbert's Place or Copper Top.  Bags will be stuffed on First Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Library, with Library Teen Volunteers helping.


·         Janell suggested posting meeting minutes on the website monthly.


·         Jeannie said that we need to do something about First Thursdays, as people don't come out.  Jeannie moved to eliminate First Thursday.  Janell seconded her motion.  No vote taken at this time.  More input needed from businesses. 


Planning underway for these 2016 First Thursday events:

·         June.  First Responders, event at Fire Station.  Introduce Safe E-Commerce Sites.

·         August.  Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest.  Pet Parade, coordinated by the Rec. Dept.  Discussion & planning can be at Dog Park Committee meetings, with groomers, vets. etc. invalid.

·         September.  Picnic in the Park, with Firemen grilling hot dogs, etc.

·         November.  Honor our Vietnam War Veterans.


Submitted by Judy Miller, Secretary

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