Meeting Minutes
Saturday, 21st July 2018

Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2017

Attendees:  LeRose, Jeannie, Judy, Joseph, Mary, & Alicia at the Candy Depot

Finance Report:


Attica Hub:

Sandusky Register:
$80 per business card size ad.  November 19th publication (Sunday prior to Shop Small Saturday, November 25th).  Jeannie to request deadline.

Seasonal Guide:
Cost is $55 or less if Business is on SBO website and $60 if they are not.
Christmas Guide ad deadline is Oct 20 and will be published on Nov 4th.

Scarecrow Contest:
27 entries.  Encourage businesses to post pictures of their entries.

Decorate downtown with cornstalks:  
700 cornstalks were placed around the downtown street light posts.  Thank you notes need to be sent to Kathy Roeser & Asset Team, Mel Poeppelman, George & Sandy, John & Judy, Alicia, Cindy Mira, Jan Scagnetti, and the event sponsors:  Committee to Grow Bellevue, Croghan Colonial Bank, and Firelands Federal Credit Union.  Ask Asset team or Boy Scouts to take down cornstalks in mid-November, but no later than November 18th.  When taking down the cornstalks, have the corn removed and advertise the corn as squirrel feed.  Suggest placing cornstalks around the gazebo at Central Park next year (without the corn).  Check with Sberna’s to see if corn removed next year for maze can be used downtown.

Candy Cane Shopping Spree:
December 2nd from 1pm to 4pm.  Event where parents can bring their kids downtown to shop.  Parents can relax at Gilbert’s Place while High School students take the kids shopping at downtown businesses, then get them wrapped at Gilbert’s Place.  Checking into opening other downtown locations for local businesses without a brick and mortar store.  Participating businesses must respond by November 1st and contribute a $10 donation to cover costs.  Checking with the Willows, Orchard Grove, Bellevue Care Center, Flat Rock, etc to also participate.  Businesses not located downtown can participate if they contribute the $10 donation by having the shopper show their receipt to have their present(s) wrapped.

Chili Cook-off:  
February 1st at Bellevue Middle or Elementary School.  Jeannie to verify which location.  Soup must be prepared in an approved kitchen.  Discussion to expand from just chili to soup in general.  Have ‘People’s Choice’ award.  Possibly have a Military challenge.  LeRose to check.  Ask school choir to sing military songs such as:  Anchors Away, the Marine’s Hymn (the Halls of Montezuma), etc

Next meeting locations:  
Oct 16th at Bone Boys Catering (next to Pizza Wheel)

Nov 6th at TBD

Minutes respectfully submitted,
Alicia Robles

January 9, 2017

Shop Bellevue Ohio met on January 9, 2017 at 7 p.m. at Gilbert’s Place.
ATTENDING:  LeRose Meadows, Jeannie Gore, Janell Davenport, Paul Davenport, Tom Long, Judy Miller, Jenn Hartmann (Hartman Fitness), Rohnda Pickering, and guest David Michael.

Chairman LeRose welcomed Jenn and Rohnda, new businesses owners in Bellevue.  Our group is ready to help in any way we possibly can.

First order of business is to ‘pass the torch’ for Chairman and Secretary, after 3 years. 

  • Judy nominated Jeannie for Chairman; Paul seconded the nomination
  • LeRose nominated Janell for Secretary; Paul seconded the nomination. 
  • Vote in favor of both nominations was unanimous.

FINANCIAL:  No report.


  • Janell suggested presenting a ‘Golden Ladle’ award along with the Ribbons to the winners.  Group agreed; Janell will handle the ladle awards.  Judy will work with Keith Jesse on the ribbons.
  • Tentative categories:  Judges’ Choice Winner; People’s Choice Winner; Best Celebrity Chili.
  • Entrants must describe if chili is mild, medium, or spicy, for the public to know.
  • RAFFLES.  Jeannie, Chairman, will have pre-sale of tickets for big SBO Raffle Basket only.  8 Raffle entries so far.
  • PRICING.  TASTING TRAY:  6 tastes for $5.00.  BOWL (includes Cornbread) $5.00.  Individual piece of CORNBREAD:  $___TBD______.    DESSERTS:  $___TBD______
  • DESSERTS.  Cakes from Copper Top; Pies (regular and sugar-free) from Long Way Home.
  • Tom suggested looking at a cross-promotion with Green Emerald
  • SUPPLIES NEEDED.  Paper/Plastic items & tickets.  Judy will get bin of supplies & get it to Jeannie.
  • VOLUNTEERS needed to sell tickets for chili & cornbread.  Sandy Keller; Rohnda Pickering; Judy Miller.


Posters going out.  Sandusky Co. VB; Erie Shores; Huron Co.
LOGO CONTEST.  Get your ad on t-shirt for $25.00.  Winning logo on the front.

1ST THURSDAY.  No report.  Art@106 still has featured Artist each month; no winter activities.

BPD AUXILIARY SAFETY TOWN 2.0.  Shop Bellevue willing to help in any way we can.

GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT: at Gilbert’s.  3rd Friday of the month.  Organized by Sharon Cheek w/different vendors each month; raffles, etc.


Respectfully submitted,
Judy Miller, Secretary


December 12, 2016


Shop Bellevue Ohio met on December 12, 2016, at 8 a.m. at Long Way Home Family Restaurant. 

ATTENDING:  LeRose Meadows, Tom Long, Judy Miller.

CELEBRITY CHALLENGE.  Clyde Schools will not participate.  It was agreed to ask Hogue’s and Bassett’s to do the Celebrity Challenge.  Tom will talk to Tracy Hogue; Judy will contact Mike Kohloff.  (Both accepted the Challenge!)

1.  Tom will consider a Signature drink to be introduced that evening, and a special dessert.  These items will be charged separately by the restaurant.
2.  Mary’s Corn Bread is a big-selling item.  Judy will ask if Mary will bake for the Cook-off.
3.  Judges.  LeRose will contact John Ochenduski and Nick Mazzarro; Judy will ask Stephanie Buchanan.
4.  Chili Categories.  Tasting and re-tasting for the many categories is hard on the judge with 15 or more chilis.  It was discussed that category be limited to:  Best Celebrity Chili; Judges’ Choice Best Chili; and People’s Choice Best Chili.
5.  Need Volunteers to handle MARKETING; RAFFLES; PHYSICAL SET-UP on day of event; 50/50 Raffle.
6.  Review Rules, revamp, and publish.  Need changes to reflect fewer categories.
7.  Need VOLUNTEERS for day of event.


NEXT REGULAR MEETING:  Monday, January 9th at 7 p.m. at Gilbert’s Place.  For 2017, need new Chairman and Secretary.   Please consider helping out to continue the progress to promote local businesses.

Tom asked the group to develop a program to cross-promote local businesses; find effective means to replace the Gazette to get the word out.  Need placemats with local advertising!

Respectfully submitted
Judy Miller, Secretary

October 24, 2016

SHOP BELLEVUE OHIO met at Long Way Home Restaurant on Monday, October 24, 2016, at 8 a.m.  Attending:  LeRose Meadows, Jeannie Gore, Paul Davenport, Tom Long, Judy Miller.


BUNTINGS to be returned to Candy Depot from Fenn Realty and First Choice Ohio.

CORNSTALKS need to come down after Halloween Parade.  Tom Long will ask his son & daughter-in-law to take them down and deliver to Jeannie's pasture.

SCARECROW CONTEST.  LeRose did thank-you letters.  Jeannie will deliver the trophy to the winner:  Bellevue Hospital.  Need participation 'Thank-you' flyers for participating businesses to post.  Tom will check with Missie.

NOVEMBER FIRST THURSDAY, 11/3.  ART@106 is featuring Jim Andrews' hand-carved wizard wands.  Gilbert's & Candy Depot will be open.  Can one of participants please do a flyer & promote?

Girl Scouts will stuff coupon bags for us.


SHOP SMALL SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25TH.  NEED A 'WOW'! PROMOTION!  NEED YOUR IDEAS!  E-mail and share your thoughts on how to get people downtown and into locally-owned businesses.  American Express sent 200 canvas shopping bags this year; Jeannie had a sample to show.  Judy made a motion to have the bags lettered with our logo; Jeannie seconded; approved.  
(Cost was $2.00 per bag last year.)  What is best way to get the bags OUT into the community?  We'll add coupon bags, what else?  Craft shows?  Should we do it ahead of Thanksgiving?  (Maybe coordinate promo w/Open House dates for Russell's & Golden Acorn, instead of waiting until after Thanksgiving?)  
Do we do a Raffle Basket?  Share your thoughts!  

CHILI COOK-OFF, FEBRUARY, 2017.  LeRose printed some forms for Janell.  Host:  Long Way Home Restaurant.  Need Co-Chairs to handle the event.  LeRose will out with surgery.
'Celebrity Competition' - LeRose will contact the Schools to see if they will 'compete'.  Need 3 judges.  

Judy announced that she will retire as Secretary of the group next year; need a volunteer to take minutes, etc.  Chairman is also needed.  LeRose has done the job for 2 years.  

NEXT MEETING will be Monday, November 14th, 7 p.m. at Gilbert's Place.

Respectfully submitted, Judy Miller, Secretary

October 10, 2016


Shop Bellevue Ohio met at Gilbert's Place at 6:30 p..m. on Monday, Oct. 10, 2016

ATTENDING:  Jeannie Gore, Deb Long, Tom Long, Missie Long, Janell Davenport, Judy Miller.

NKP CONVENTION SHOPPING EVENT.  Judy is working on flyer.

SCARECROW CONTEST:  Jeannie has picked up many of the donations.  Over $400. collected so far.  
Tom suggested doing a Flyer to say 'Thank You' to all participating businesses, that each business can post.  Missie & Tom will work on one.
Funds to be split -  a photo is needed of Tanhan presenting a check for the Backpack Program.
It was agreed that this Contest will take place again next year, to run for the entire month of October.

ZOMBIE WALK.  No word on if we have a chairman for 2017.

FINANCIAL.  Report presented.  Invoices going out for last Seasonal Guide ads.


COUPON BAGS.  Jeannie has bags, coupons.  There will be a Stuffing Session next Monday, 10/17, at Providence Baptist Church. at 6 p.m.  Volunteers are needed!**
(**LeRose and Judy are unable to attend.  Volunteers, please text Jeannie asap so we know how many workers we'll have!

SHOP SMALL SATURDAY.  November 26th. Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Jeannie registered the group with American Express.  Promotional materials should be provided by Amex.  
We need a WOW! Promotion - and need to get the word out, so people Shop. In. Bellevue.
The 1st year was good; 2nd year ho-hum.
Think of ideas; do some research; bring your thoughts to next meeting, on October 24th.  That only gives us a month.

CHILI COOK-OFF. February, 2017.  It was agreed to ask the local Nursing Homes to do the 'Celebrity Competition'.

NEXT MEETING will be Monday, October 24th, at 8 a.m. at Long Way Home Restaurant

LONG WAY HOME RESTAURANT is doing an Oktoberfest on October 25th & 26th.

Submitted by
Judy Miller, Secretary

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